The Wolfenwood Range


The Powerwinches - intended for (but not exclusively useful in) the forestry industry, are designed for use in areas inaccessible to or unsuitable for timber forwarding vehicles or even horses.


These Powerwinches have several exclusive features that mark them apart from any other portable petrol-powered winches:

  1. They will keep on working when tilted in any plane (unlike others that stall).
  2. The throttle is controlled remotely by the operator pulling on the rope. Throttle is therefore only applied when it is required for the pull.
  3. The centrifugal clutch means that the pull ceases as soon as the operator stops pulling on the rope, there is no "creep" and no reversing.
  4. The rope locking-cleat ensures that a load, when stopped, will not recede.
  5. These winches are guaranteed for 2 years​.


Powerwinch 1800 - "The Powerful One" - has astounding pulling power - how such a small machine can haul such huge loads is a matter of amazement to anyone who has witnessed this winch in action. The 1.8 tonne base pull is sufficient for some huge log moves but can be doubled to 3.6 tonnes by the addition of a simple pulley and another mounting point. At 14kgs in weight it is lighter than some other winches that have half the pulling-power!


Powerwinch 1200 - "The Allrounder" - has a very strong, 1.2 tonne pull, usually enough for most forestry jobs (doublable, with a pulley, to 2.4 tonnes). This product, brand new in Autumn 2016, with a competitive price tag is expected to be very popular in the woods.


Powerwinch 500 - "The Lightweight One" - has been designed for maximum portability whilst still packing considerable punch. Strong enough to haul typical firewood or chip logs out of the forest its 8kg weight is carryable all day and its rope is lightweight to match.


Powerwinch 400 - "The Fast One" - is possibly too fast for some jobs but where speed and saving time are the essence, such as in rescue work, the 400 comes into it's own. There is no other portable winch that could match the 42 metres per minute and 400kgs pull-rate that this winch musters.


The Log Cleaver - this unique portable device can be taken to a log anywhere of any length or diameter in order to split it into as many cleft components as required, making log-wood more transportable. It can be mounted to a tractor's hydraulics or is available with its own portable hydraulic unit. Most log splitters only split short logs for firewood. This unit provides a novel and fast method of cleaving long lengths - particularly useful in such arenas as cleft-oak fencing, gate making and garden structures.


The Titan Felling Wedge - this wedge with its crank-action lever is capable of applying 25 tonnes of force into the felling cut of a tree to encourage the most accurate direction of fall. Very large trees can thus be safely controlled. A very clever device!


The Chainsaw Tools - This range of chainsaw-mounted cutters are what have made the EDER name well known in German Forestry. Over 60,000 have been sold. De-barking, Carving, Sculpting, Planing, Curved-Planing and Brushing are all possibilities. The EDER chainsaw-body that is available, has the perfect balance of power to match the tools.


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