Wolfenwood Powerwinches

Our lightweight, portable winches will work with synthetic ropes of any length. The winch throttle is controlled simply by pulling on the rope from a safe distance.


None of these motors will stall when tilted, the 1800, 1200 and 400 being a two stroke and the 500 a special four stroke engine. A locking cleat brake entirely prevents the possibility of the load reversing.


The centrifugal clutch causes the winch spindle to remain motionless when no force is being applied to the rope, thus avoiding any undesired forward movement of the load.


A complimentary range of rope, rope sack, shackles, pulleys, choker chains and slings is available for all the EDER winches.



The Powerful One!


EDER Powerwinch 1800


Using gears, two load ranges can be achieved.


Available with gearshifts to switch between two load ranges.


Capacity: 900 kg by 24 m/min

Capacity: 1800 kg by 12m/min

Weight: 14kg



The Allrounder!


EDER Powerwinch 1200


Capacity: 1200 kg

Speed: 14 m/min

Weight: 13 kg


Available from Autumn 2016




The Lightweight One!


EDER Powerwinch 500


Capacity: 500 kg

Speed: 12 m/min

Weight: 8 kg



The Fast One!


EDER Powerwinch 400


Capacity: 400 kg

Speed: 42 m/min

Weight: 12 kg


Available from Autumn 2016

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